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Writer's Block: Who's your BFF?

Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?
The friend I've known the longest would be Patricia E.  I've known her since elementary school.  Patricia also lived across the street from me for close to 20 years.  She's like a sister to myself and my siblings.  Since her Mom passed away a few years back, any type of celebration we have as a family, she's invited, because she's part of the family. We are very close and see each other at least 2 times a month, we email each other and talk on the phone also.  We've became really close friend for the last 20 or so years and have been there  for each other through thick and thin.   So, I would say it has been over 40 years since I've called Patricia friend.