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The laid off employees were chosen in the city's library department and I'm safe! I let out a joyful sigh of relief. Thank you Jesus! I knew a few who were let go and I have the utmost sympathy for them and wish only good things for them in the future.
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YAY!!!! GAGA!!!!!

Lady Gaga is having her special on HBO on Saturday Night. By the looks of it, I'll be watching (on TV that is). HBO has been featuring a clip of Gaga singing Born This Way acapella, in which she tears it up. Below is the clip and following it is a clip of Gaga speaking frankly about how she sees herself and the burden she carries to be the best for her fans.


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I commented a week ago on a post about how the City of Houston, my employer for over 25 years is going through a major budget cut. Along with the cuts my job is in jeopardy. It's scarey. I don't know if I told anyone (except for last week) that I work as a Sr. L.A. supervisor. For the last few year, the library department has dwindled down to 2/3 of what it should be. Many people have left through retirement, going to find employment for more money, being overworked, etc. But I'm still here through it all. You know a girl gotta work! Well, back to the post of last week, many friends wrote how they've discovered the library again and was surprised of all the programs and services the libraries now have. I'm so glad patrons are now visiting the libraries and are taking advantage of the services that they have. Hopefully for Houston, it's not too late. We've lasted longer than some of the other libraries around the U.S. because many have closed entirely or have downsized considerably. This economy is nothing to play with. We've got word from our director that we'll know about what will happen with the cuts in City services and what our (the library) "sentence" will be on May 1. I'll be ok, I can go out with a pension because of my age and years worked, but I'd really love to make 30 years. Who knows what will happen, gonna take it one day at a time. Anywhoo, let's me get off the pity train, the reason of this post was to leave this article. The words warmed our hearts. It's so good to know that people out there know the importance of our libaries, not just the Houston Public Library but of all libraries everywhere.


Writer's Block: Round and round

Is there any song you could listen to 20 times in a day without ever losing interest?

I could listen to Train's WORDS over and over again. The words says so much. I love songs that's not just melodic but also mean something. I love Train's whole darn album and this is one of my favorites.


Here We Go Again

I don't know if I should be happy or pissed. I'm happy because we got off about an hour and a half early today but pissed because it's 23 freakin' degrees outside and the electric company has this rolling system in effect. The rolling system (or whatever it's called) is when they periodically cut off the electricity for up to an hour any given time. Last week when the city froze, the electricity shut off once while getting ready for work and 3 times at work. If they do it, I just hope they do it while I'm asleep, because right now my place is too damn cold. OMG The wind is howling out there., Sweet Jesus it's cold. Fingers cross we get tomorrow off as well because we don't want people who travel from further up north and who drive the elevated freeways get in some sort of accident on those iced roads.
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Damn It's Cold

Here we go again, out of the blue the weather drops 40 degrees and we're freezing here in Texas! Hell it's freezing every where. By Thursday the weather people predict there might be snow! Whoopee! Didn't it just snow last year? I believe it did. Is this gonna be a habit? Jeese! Thankfully I was off that day last year for some reason, (lucky dog) complaining on LJ about how freakin' cold I was. Fingers crossed they'll close the city because of the snow because it's a known fact drivers in Texas don't know how to drive in the snow. We just aint use to it. As you can tell by the pic, I'm not a happy camper! Hell! I'm too old for this shit. Stay warm everybody.


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