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October Sky

I just saw October Sky starring Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a very good movie and I can't believe I sat down through all of it. I didn't move and saw it from beginning to end. I work at a library and see the book all the time but never gave it a chance. After seeing the movie, I'll have to read the book. I always seem to do that, see the movie first, then read the book. Prime examples, Sarah Plain and Tall, Rumble Fish and the Outsiders, Sense and Sensibility, Godfather just to name a few. Why do I do this? Does it actually take a movie to pique my interest to read a book? By the looks of it, it does. lol But October Sky was a very, very good movie. Of course I got all misty and stuff. I'm just an old sentimental fool, what can I say. Jake's acting was superb. He was so cute. He was at that age where he's growing into his body, he was gawky and chubby cheeked. His smile has not changed at all and those eyes, he knows how to work those baby blues. I know most of you all have seen the movie, if not, you should. It was good.

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