lougenessis (lougenessis) wrote,

All Hail Sirius Radio!

We got an upgrade on our cable service, in other words we now have a receiver. For the longest we got cable from the hole in the wall. I guess this is what you use for the 21st century or our apt. community just woke up and got on the train. The tech came in on Wednesday and hooked us up with the Dish 200 plan. Yeah, 200 of the most unnecessary crap you would even want to see, but to get my Bravo, WE, BET, HBO and other important channels I need to survive, we had to get the 200. Anywhoo, with me being old school, trying to figure out this big ass remote control was a doozy, but I got it. So, last evening after work, I was scanning the hundreds of channels, I saw the package included (nothing but) music channels. While I I was cutting the rug and putting a hump in my back dancing and listening to the 60's and 70's channels I scanned down more and found Sirius Soul Town. Wow!, I hit the mother load, this channel has all the music I grew up, Motown and Classic Soul. I'm so happy, you just don't know! OMG The Moments, Love On A Two Way street is on, I'm outta here. lol

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