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I have to say a few words on the passing of MachoMan Randy Savage. He was a delight to watch and to hear and I always enjoyed seeing his antics on TV. I was sorry to see that he was killed. While growing up, I was a big wrestling fan. My brother, myself and many others would buy our tickets and go to the Sam Houston Coliseum almost every Friday night to see wrestling. This was way before WWE, WWF, WXYZ (lol) and all the other wrestling federation junk, just straight wrestling. I knew wrestling was fake. Hell, our seats were so damn close to the ring that we saw wrestlers get their own personal razor blades to slice open their brows to make you think the punch that was given to them caused it. I didn't care, I wanted to believe it because I loved it so much. That's right I loved wrestling. My love of wrestling took hold on my son when I took him along at 5 and 6yrs. old. Things were changing then and I wasn't fascinated with it anymore, but my son went on to be a bigger fan of wrestling that I'd ever be. When I face booked him yesterday when I heard (yeah, I facebook...just with siblings and other kin, got about 7 friends lol) heck he almost acted as if Tupac had died again. lol I swear to all that's holy just Thursday, my son came to me with his laptop and showed me this clip of MachMan Randy Savage and I almost peed on myself because of the pure cheesiness of it. God was this a sign? Anyway brother, RIP! I will miss you!


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